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Gil EffronWe all have fears the question is, how do we overcome them?  Without the ability to do so, success will be elusive.

Join me on Thursday, March 17 at 9:30 AM (EDT), on Bruce Hurwitz Presents! when my guest will be business and marketing strategist and advisor Gil Effron.

Gil is founder and CEO of the Profitability Institute, a Tampa-based coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping business owners, CEOs, and leadership teams successfully tackle urgent challenges, improve organizational efficiency, and map winning strategies for future growth and profitability.  He also heads The Strategic Marketing Team, a division of ProfitAbility Institute.

Gil is the author of How to Close More Business in Less Time (2014) and How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover (2010), an active blogger, and proficient marketing writer. Gil has written and published hundreds of articles on marketing and the sales process.

From strategic business and marketing planning and connecting the dots between marketing and the sales process to creative problem solving and precise implementation, his primary mission is to help his clients improve outcomes, build highly-profitable businesses, and learn how to become better leaders.

Gil holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, a Master’s from Michigan State University, and pursued additional post-graduate studies at Ohio State University.

After spending seven years in New York City, Gil sold his snow shovel and returned to the Tampa Bay area to be closer geographically to family.  While in New York, Gil was extremely active in the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. He served on the board of directors and was instrumental in developing and launching several major activities including The Voice of Manhattan Business podcast and MarketingWeekNYC.

Is Fear Getting in the Way of Your Success?

Carolyn AlroyIt is all too common for fear of success to block a person from achieving their goals.  If this sounds like you, join me at 9 AM (EST) for a discussion with Dr. Carolyn AlRoy on Fear of Success.

Dr. Alroy, a psychologist, business coach and consultant, and an expert at resolving resistance to success for businesses and individuals, has been practicing in Manhattan for 16 years.  She attended Rutgers University and earned her doctorate at Pace University. Her focus is on creating abundance for individuals, profitability & productivity for companies.  She does this by removing blocks to success.

Can’t listen live?  No problem.  The archived show will be available at your convenience.


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