An Example of Why Communication with a Client is so Important

For executive recruiters, December is dead.  Maybe something will happen in the first two weeks, but the last two…nothing!

This year appears to be worse than ever.  It may be the economy.  It may be general attitudes among job seekers.  Or, more likely, it’s the fact that Christmas and New Year’s fell/fall on Fridays meaning two long weekends.

Three weeks ago I started working on a search for an auditor for a client in New Jersey.  I have received no responses…at least not from anyone close to being qualified.  It’s a bit depressing since in 2015 I closed a dozen searches in an average of three weeks each.

Even though I have not been submitting candidates to my client, I have been keeping in touch.   Today, for example, I asked a question about a potential candidate’s CPA status.  I also tried to rationalize the fact that there has been no interest in the position.

After answering my question, my client informed me that he had posted the job on two CPA job boards and has only received three responses.  Needless to say, he’s been looking longer than I for candidates.   In other words, by me being honest with him and keeping him updated, he was able to commiserate with me.  Commiseration builds bonds.  Bonds build long-term relationships.  And that is why you should always communicate with your clients, be the news good, bad or indifferent.



Is Stress Exasperating Your Job Search?

January 14, 2016 – 8:30 – 10:00 AM  Cost: $10.00
The Gunnet-Shoval Group
630 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000, New York, NY   (Across from St.  Patrick’s Cathedral.)

Stress is the combination of a perceived threat — whether real or imagined — and one that feels beyond control.  Few things are more stressful than coping with unemployment.  Few things are more dangerous to conducting a successful job search than allowing stress to overcome you.  There are, however, ways to take control of your stress thus preventing it from taking control of you.

On January 14, Drs.  Karyn Gunnet-Shoval and Bruce Hurwitz will conduct a 90-minute workshop designed to help participants manage job search-related emotion and replace it with logical and purposeful decision making.

This event is limited to the first 20 people to register, so register today!

Feel free to bring your own hot beverage and breakfast.  All attendees will receive a free copy of the e-book edition of Bruce Hurwitz’s book, A Hooker’s Guide to Getting a Job: Parables from the Real World of Executive Recruiting and Career Counseling.

Meet the Speakers

Karyn Gunnet-Shoval, Ph.D., of The Gunnet-Shoval Group, coaches companies, executives, Human Resources professionals, and individuals to create a culture of improved stress management.  With fellowship experience in stress-related issues and interventions at Yale School of Medicine, and a Ph.D.  in Counseling Psychology, Karyn understands stress and stress management. As an executive coach, Karyn coaches businesses, HR teams, attorneys, business executives, professors and other professionals and their clients to better manage the stress of time management, clients and colleagues, communications, among other issues.  Working as a Group Leader with employees of a company or nonprofit, Karyn tailors stress management coaching to fit individual and company needs.  Participants develop skills to enhance confidence, happiness, productivity and effectiveness.  And as a Human Resources trainer, she works with HR professionals in the area of stress management, leading workshops and seminars and creating company plans.  Supervisors report improved employee happiness, attendance and productivity.

Bruce A.  Hurwitz, Ph.D., President and CEO of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, Ltd., whose mission it is to promote the hiring of veterans, has been an executive recruiter since 2003.  The author of Success! As Employee or Entrepreneur and A Hooker’s Guide to Getting a Job: Parables from the Real World of Career Counseling and Executive Recruiting, he is a recognized authority on career counseling, recruitment, and employment issues, having been cited in over 600 articles, appearing in close to 400 publications, across the United States and in 23 foreign countries.  Bruce is an honors graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from where he obtained his doctoral degree in International Relations, majoring in International Law.  He is the author of over 120 publications including peer-reviewed books, journal articles and reviews, as well as newspaper and magazine contributions.  In addition to serving as an Ambassador for the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and hosting their weekly podcast, The Voice of Manhattan Business, since January, 2015, he has been a member of their Board of Directors and Co-Chair of their Entrepreneurs Network.  He has a total of over 51,000 followers to his posts on LinkedIn Pulse and his own blog, Employment Edification, as well as his YouTube videos/webinars and on Twitter.  He also hosts his own podcast, Bruce Hurwitz Presents!

Looking for Media Coverage?

2016 Logo

In 2012, I became the producer and host of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce’s weekly podcast, The Voice of Manhattan BusinessAs we were working on building up demand to be on the show, I made the decision to end my own podcast, Bruce Hurwitz Presents!  Given that we achieved that goal and are booked through mid-March with only 17 slots available for 2016, I am pleased to announce the relaunch of Bruce Hurwitz Presents!

The New Bruce Hurwitz Presents!

In the past the show was focused mainly on career issues, business, veterans, authors and Ph.D. candidates.  Now the show is open to anyone with an interesting story to tell, as long as it is neither racist nor pornographic.

All guests will receive a link to the show which they can use for marketing purposes.  A few minutes following the conclusion of the show, guests will be able to receive code to enable them to place the actual interview player on their websites and the link so that it can be included on their LinkedIn profiles.  Additionally, they will be able to download a copy of the interview to store on their own systems.   Listeners will be able to phone-in to ask questions.

In case it needs to be said, my competitors – career counselors, executive recruiters, and publishers, are welcome to be on the show.

The Application Process

If you are interested in being interviewed, e-mail me using the subject line “Bruce Hurwitz Presents,” at including a phone number where you can be reached (and please note your location so that I don’t call you at an inappropriate hour).   Keep the e-mail simple:  Give me a title for the show (less than 80 characters and spaces); a brief explanation about the topic, links to relevant websites, and your bio focused on your credentials to discuss the topic (no more than a total of 300 words) which will be used for promotional purposes; and the message you want to get across to our listeners so I will know how to focus my questions.  If you so choose, you may include photos to be used in the promotion and to which you may refer during the interview.

The Nature of the Show

As in the past, this is not a “gotcha” program.  No one has ever or will ever be embarrassed by me.  That said, you have to know your stuff!  You will not receive the questions in advance as this will be a real conversation.  At the conclusion of the interview, you will be able to give out contact information.  Additionally you may sell your products and services as long as you provide a special discount to listeners.  (I suggest you listen to some recent previous shows to get a feel for my style.)

The show, which will be recorded live at a mutually convenient time, will run for no more than 30 minutes.  There will only be one guest per show.   There is no charge for participation.

I look forward to receiving your proposals!

Creativity Should Sometimes be Avoided in a Cover Letter (and Resume)

I admCadburyit it.  As far as I am concerned, with all do respect to Mr. Hershey, Cadbury chocolate is my favorite.  But what I especially like about them today is that, at least according to the post I found on my LinkedIn feed, and assuming this is authentic, they actually respond to some job applicants whom they reject.

Here’s what the letter states:

Dear Mr. Jones:

We regret to inform you that your application for the position of Global Quality Manager has been unsuccessful.  We don’t normally respond to unsuccessful applicants but in your case we’ve made an exception in order to return the £5 note you attached to the references section of your application under the line “Elizabeth *wink wink.*”

Some notes regarding your application:

  • Listing “Super secret spy work I can’t legally talk about” as your previous work experience won’t fool anyone.
  • In future you might want to refrain from using sentences like “C’mon, let me be a part of this great gig you’ve got going on.”
  • eBay feedback isn’t a relevant reference.
  • Your attached sketch of an “everlasting chocolate bar” was unwarranted, absurd and quite frankly it scared us a little.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours,


Alan Carle

I do not know if this letter is for real.  (Given the spelling of “endevours,” it might be!) But for the sake of argument, let’s say it is.

What we have here is someone who thinks that being smart, being a wise guy, will differentiate him from his competition, get him noticed and get a response.

Well he was right.  Except that he was noticed for being a fool and he only got a response because of the five quid bribe.

Yes, in your cover letter  and resume you want to differentiate yourself.  Sadly, today it is easy to do by just writing a well-written letter.  As I have written previously, all you have to do, all you should do, is to keep it short, sweet and to the point.  No self-praise and, most certainly, no nonsense.  The same is true for resumes.  After all, no one hires a fool!


Bruce Hurwitz is an executive recruiter and career counselor.  He is the author of Success! As Employee or Entrepreneur and A Hooker’s Guide to Getting a Job: Parables from the Real World of Career Counseling and Executive Recruiting.  To take advantage of his December Career Counseling Special click here.

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