Hiring Seniors/Retirees

Definitions. For present purposes a “senior” is anyone who is 55-years-of-age or older. “Retired” means not gainfully employed and living off savings or a side gig. “Woke” means the belief that an individual’s beliefs, priorities, and/or desires take precedence over everyone else’s even if it is to the other person’s detriment.

As everyone knows, I am not a fan of the woke. In my opinion, which I will reiterate in next week’s article, it’s either a mental health disorder or a creed, both of which may make them a “protected class” in some jurisdictions. This means, and, as I always say, I am not an attorney and this does not constitute legal advice, firing them may be very difficult. They will claim discrimination and you will have to have an air-tight personnel handbook, written by a first-rate HR attorney, to protect yourself.

But there is another way around the woke.

By definition, the woke do not want to work. The woke want to be paid to complain. They have no work ethic. The only thing they learned in college or university was that if you yell loud enough you get what you want. In other words, they believe that they, not the employer, have the right to set the agenda for the company.

So, who is it that actually wants to work? Retirees. Seniors. They are bored. They don’t like sitting around doing whatever it is they are doing. They need intellectual stimulation and, maybe even more importantly, feeling once again that they are useful, contributing to society.

Employers can, in my non-legal opinion, hire seniors. Discriminating on the basis of years of experience is perfectly legal. An employer can require 25 to 30 years’ work experience. No one who has worked for a quarter of a century is woke (at least I hope not!). They know how to work. They understand the concept of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. They don’t go crying to HR every time something does not got their way. In a word, they are “adults.” In two words they have “emotional intelligence.” They are, therefore, not woke.

What is more, they will support the local economy by making purchases at local mom and pop stores. And there is the not so little matter that many, if not most, lack the funds they thought they would need to retire. In other words, they need the money!

Hiring seniors/retirees is, I believe, a smart move. And I am not alone.

In the April 6.2023 edition of The Wall Street Journal, there appeared an article by Callum Brochers titled, “Bosses Want Hard Workers-So They’re Hiring Older People: Some companies are recruiting seniors on the premise that age equals a stronger work ethic.” The title and subtitle say it all, but I still recommend reading the full article! You’ll learn that “People 55 and older are the fastest growing segment of the workforce…”

I believe that it is so important to get seniors to either remain in, or return to, the workforce and, yes, to get the woke out, that I am offering a new service. Seniors can go to my website, fill out the simple registration form, and send me their resume. No charge! I will then list, by area of expertise, those who have registered, and employers can then ask to see their resume. Once I get premission from the applicant, I’ll video interview them and send the video link and the senior’s resume to the employer. If the employer hires the person, all the employer will owe is $500, a steep reduction from the usual recruiting usual fee. (There is no charge for seniors and no guarantee to the employer.)

So, seniors, if you are interested in employment, register. Employers, if you want hard workers, review the list. It will start off small but I am certain it will grow.

Together, we can make a small contribution towards saving the American workforce from the cancer that is wokeness and help grow the economy.