The Do-Be Associates, along with their s

The Do-Be Associates, along with their strategic partners are presenting the workshop “Culture Change That Actually Works” on May 2 from 8:00-10:00 AM at LDI Color Tool Box, 1500 Broadway, 10th Floor (43rd Street Entrance), in New York City. Participants will learn how to improve the way they do business in their organizations, and the levers that they can apply to make it last.

This is a workshop for decision-makers, those who can say “Yes, our organization wants to make changes that last.” Typically, these will be business owners, CEO’s, COO’s, or CHRO’s(HR is for human resource!). It is also important that the business have gross annual revenues of at least $3-4 million, or with a minimum of 8-10 employees; otherwise it is unlikely that they will benefit from what our workshop offers.

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