Why job seekers should attend irrelevant networking events

I don’t know how many career counseling clients I have had who, before coming to me, would spend their time “networking” at events for job seekers. Obviously a mistake.

That said, attending events that are not in your industry, and may appear to be of no value to you, may, in fact, be worthwhile to attend if professionals will be in attendance.

For example, I co-chair the Entrepreneurship Council of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. The other night we had an event about securing funding. It was, obviously, aimed at business owners. Imagine my surprise when one of the Angel investors on the panel recommended posting resumes on the website, www.angel.co. (That’s not a typo; it’s .co not .com.)

If you go to the site you will see that it appears to be aimed at people who want to work for startups. But the impression I got was that it is used by Angels looking for good people.

Why not give it – and some irrelevant professional events – a try?!


Bruce Hurwitz is an executive recruiter and career counselor. He has helped scores (thousands if you include attendees at his presentations) of people, including veterans, not only change jobs but, on occasion, change careers. Having successfully transitioned from academia to non-profits to the recruiting industry, he has been there and done that!

Bruce is a recognized authority on job search and career issues, having been quoted in over 700 articles, appearing in some 500 publications, across the United States and in more than 30 foreign countries. His posts on LinkedIn have been read over 330,000 times and have garnered national and international media attention, including television appearances on Fox Business Network and Headline News (CNN).

In addition to serving on the Board of Directors of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, he co-chairs their Entrepreneurship Council, hosts their weekly podcast – The Voice of Manhattan Business – and serves as an Ambassador.

An advocate for the protection of job seekers, visit the homepage of his website, www.hsstaffing.com, to read about questionable offerings of so-called job search assistance companies and to learn about his upcoming speaking engagements.