“Caregiver”​ and “Stay-at-Home Mom”​ are not jobs

Usually, it takes a while for me to lose it. I have a high tolerance for the ridiculous, the foolish, the ignorant and the stupid. My feeling is that sooner or later people will realize who, and what, they are and they will receive the anonymity that they so richly deserve. So why bother getting upset?

On the other hand…

I received a call from a perspective career counseling client. This woman is interested in entering the job market. Nothing new about that. But this woman is rather unique. She has never had a “job job,” to quote her. And she does not have a resume. She’s never had one. And when she called “professional resume writers,” they all told her that since she had no “employment history” they really could not help her. After all, what she had been doing all of her adult life “didn’t count.”

The woman graduated from college and then got married. For the next 17 years, she raised three healthy, well-adjusted, children. When her eldest turned 15, her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The family decided to move her into their home. She now had, along with her husband, responsibility for raising three children and looking after her mother who needed an increasing amount of attention as, ironically, her children required less.

Her mother recently passed away and now, with her eldest heading off to college, and her other two children more or less independent, she needs to get a job to help pay medical bills. And, for obvious reasons, she wants to and needs to get out of the house.

But the resume writers told her that she has no employment history. Talk about ridiculous, foolish, ignorant and stupid! Think about the skills this woman has had to master:

  • Patience
  • Organization
  • Scheduling
  • Maneuvering in governmental bureaucracies
  • Budgeting
  • Vetting of service providers
  • Negotiating
  • Being meticulous

What employer, in their right mind, would not want an employee who has mastered these skills? No work experience? Rubbish!


Bruce Hurwitz is an executive recruiter and career counselor. He has helped scores (thousands if you include attendees at his presentations) of people, including veterans, not only change jobs but, on occasion, change careers. Having successfully transitioned from academia to non-profits to the recruiting industry, he has been there and done that!

Bruce is a recognized authority on job search and career issues, having been quoted in over 700 articles, appearing in some 500 publications, across the United States and in more than 30 foreign countries. His posts on LinkedIn have been read over 350,000 times and have garnered national and international media attention, including television appearances on Fox Business Network and Headline News (CNN).

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