The Fundamental of an Effective Job Search

On August 19, I made a presentation at the New York Public Library covering various aspects of an effective job search.

The first video covers the following topics:

  1. Your job search is your problem.  No one can get you a job!  It’s all on you.
  2. All advice is art, not science.
  3. Stay focused on the employer.
  4. Brand yourself.
  5. Differentiate yourself in everything you do.

The second video focuses on :

  1. If it takes more than 10 seconds to read a cover letter, it is too long.
  2. A professional can skim a resume and disqualify a candidate in 5 seconds.

The final video deals with:

  1. An employer’s focus is on the interview; so should yours.
  2. Networking is the key to finding a job.
  3. Follow-up is the key to successful networking.
  4. Start your resume with “Selected Accomplishments.”
  5. Research, research, research for an interview.
  6. Set the stage for Skype.
  7. It’s not what you say that matters; it’s what the interviewer hears.
  8. LISTEN!
  9. Succinct answers showing research skills.
  10. No questions equals no interest.
    1. Who succeeds here?  b.  How can I make your life easier?
  11. Follow-up thank-you email.
  12. Rejection thank-you letter.
  13. Counter-offer based on needs.

My full-service career counseling package usually costs $300.00.  If you “Like” the videos and post them on LinkedIn and one other social media site, e-mail me ( showing me the sites, and you will receive a $100 discount.  The only change is that instead of a face-to-face interview, we’ll do it over Skype.  This offer is good until the end of August, 2016.