Why the US Presidential Election is Good News for “Older” Workers

cts(The hardest part of writing this article was finding a flattering photo of all three candidates!)

This post is not about politics.  All three candidates are equally bad (or close enough).  One is under investigation by the FBI for, according to some, espionage and treason.  One has the demeanor, subtlety and grace of a schoolyard bully.  And one is a socialist who does not appear to understand what that philosophy is doing to and has done across the globe.  Criminal.  Kook.  Commie.  What’s your pleasure?

(I have a Ph.D. in International Relations.  I know that socialism is not communism.  No need to write in complaining .  I just wanted an alliteration.  And please, no KKK jokes!)

And, yes, to be fair, they all have their good points.

So that’s two things they all have in common.  The third is their age.

On election day Mrs. Clinton will  be 69 years old.  But let’s pay tribute to the Arab world which gave us the number zero.  You see the Arabs count the first year of birth.  So when you are born, you are “in your first year.”  That means that when Mrs. Clinton turn 69 she will be entering her 70th year.  On election day Mr. Trump will be 70 and Mr. Sanders will be 75.  So for present purposes let’s say they are all in their seventies.

I have not been able to find anything that clearly indicates the age group of Clinton supporters.  But what is out there, while not recent, tends to show that she gets most of her support from older voters, as does Trump.  On the other hand Sanders has the support of the young voter.

What does all this mean for “older” workers looking for a new job.  The only certainty is that in November the US electorate will vote in a septuagenarian.  The old, in this case meaning those over 45, and the young, are both fine with that.  So if they are all willing to elect an old fart-hing (let’s be polite!) as POTUS, why would they not want to hire you?  After all when you vote for someone you are offering them a job.

Let’s forget about Clinton and Trump since older workers are not concerned about age discrimination by employers close to their own age.  It’s Sanders’s supporters who are of concern to them.

Why does a twenty-something support a 75 year old socialist who had his honeymoon in the former Soviet Union – a country that imploded before many, if not most, of them were born?  Because he shares their concerns.  And, more importantly, their passion.  And, even more importantly, they believe he can achieve their goals.

So when you are being interviewed by a twenty-something, feel the Bern.  Do your research so you know what is important to them.  Convince them that  you share their principles, values and desires and, most importantly, that you can get the job done.


Bruce Hurwitz is an executive recruiter and career counselor.  He is the author of Success! As Employee or Entrepreneur and A Hooker’s Guide to Getting a Job: Parables from the Real World of Career Counseling and Executive Recruiting.

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