An Example of Why Communication with a Client is so Important

For executive recruiters, December is dead.  Maybe something will happen in the first two weeks, but the last two…nothing!

This year appears to be worse than ever.  It may be the economy.  It may be general attitudes among job seekers.  Or, more likely, it’s the fact that Christmas and New Year’s fell/fall on Fridays meaning two long weekends.

Three weeks ago I started working on a search for an auditor for a client in New Jersey.  I have received no responses…at least not from anyone close to being qualified.  It’s a bit depressing since in 2015 I closed a dozen searches in an average of three weeks each.

Even though I have not been submitting candidates to my client, I have been keeping in touch.   Today, for example, I asked a question about a potential candidate’s CPA status.  I also tried to rationalize the fact that there has been no interest in the position.

After answering my question, my client informed me that he had posted the job on two CPA job boards and has only received three responses.  Needless to say, he’s been looking longer than I for candidates.   In other words, by me being honest with him and keeping him updated, he was able to commiserate with me.  Commiseration builds bonds.  Bonds build long-term relationships.  And that is why you should always communicate with your clients, be the news good, bad or indifferent.