When Should You NOT Apply for a Job?

Last year I was quoted in an interview about the best day of the week to apply for a job. Basically I said that the day did not matter. It was a question of timing. You need to apply as soon as you see the ad because 100 other people will be doing so. Once the employer has enough resumes, they’ll stop reading and start calling. “He who waits, loses.”

I am now working on quite a few searches in Queens, New York. While I pride myself on always acknowledging each resume I receive, I am being inundated and it is just not practical to respond as I would like. So I file and save them, including those from people who are totally unqualified for the positions.

But I have noticed something: The worse resumes that I receive, the ones that are poorly formatted and written, and from people who are as far removed from the positions as I am from neurosurgery, all send their resumes between midnight and 5:00 AM. There are too many for it to be a coincidence so I have drawn a conclusion:

Only apply for jobs after you have had a good night’s sleep!

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