Think Twice Before You Hire a LinkedIn Profile (or Resume) Writer

Yes, I am a career counselor. And, yes, I offer a Resume and LinkedIn Profile package. But, no, I am not a resume writer or a LinkedIn profile writer. I edit; I don’t write. Why? Because if I write the resume or profile they will reflect my personality and not my client’s. So the client writes and I edit. And therefore, given what I am about to write, I am not a hypocrite and, more importantly, I am not wrong!

I have no explanation for this, but I just received a half dozen invitations from people in Salt Lake City, Utah to join their LinkedIn networks. I have always believed that “One, means nothing. Two, is a coincidence. Three, is a conspiracy!”

When I clicked on their profiles to see where they live, I saw the beginning of the “Summary” section of their profiles. I was surprised when I opened the second and saw it was identical to the first. Then the third, then the fourth…

Each Profile has the same identical Summary:

I will persist until I succeed. I value efficiency and assure productivity. I do not believe in mediocre scenarios; I work for excellence. I have always believed in the Filipino people’s ingenuity, commitment to excellence and industry. My desire is to continue to make a difference in the virtual workforce – dependable, trusted and skilled.

I execute every task indiscriminately in a high-level performance. I fosters prospective customers in a much more collaborative approach that supports the execution of quality results for your business marketing campaign.

I am an extrovert person seeking to obtain a mid-career level, permanent position in an organization in which I can contribute my skills and experience and which offers opportunities for growth and unlimited income potential.

The strange thing is that none of the individuals have family names that are Filipino, nor do any of them appear to be Filipino from their photos. Not that I have anything against Filipinos and do not for one minute question their “ingenuity, commitment to excellence and industry.” But what are a bunch of Caucasians named Spicer, Townsend, Thomas, Sweat, Durkee, and Mastropaolo doing praising them on their LinkedIn profiles? (I asked and will update this post if I get an answer!)

It appears to me to be a case of individuals paying someone to write a Profile for them and not bothering to read what they bought. What is definite, as an executive recruiter, I don’t know that I would consider any of them for positions with my clients because of their profiles. I might, but I’m not certain.

And the same thing is true when I receive resumes that are formatted exactly like others I have received. By now, in fact, I can sometimes identify the resume writer. It does not send a positive message when it is clear that a candidate can’t market themselves. So think twice before you pay someone for a Profile or resume.

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