The Most Important Thing to Bring to a Job Interview

Years ago I was at a panel discussion on interviewing. One of the participants made the statement, “The handshake does not matter.” He then discussed something else. None of the panelists reacted.

When it was time for questions, I asked him if I had heard him correctly. I had. He did not seem to think that a firm handshake sends a message of confidence while a weak handshake has the opposite, and negative, effect.

At this point things got interesting. No one supported his view and he could not defend it.

A firm handshake sends a message of confidence. It’s part of the general image a job seeker wants to create when interviewing. The handshake, posture, body language, eye contact, smile, they are all part of the impression successful job seekers want to create. In a word, they want to come across as leaders.

It does not matter for which job you are applying, all employers want to hire leaders. If they are not hiring leaders, they are hiring people who they are going to have to micromanage which means hires who are going to waste their time. So be a leader. If you will, find the leader in you.

If you are in Manhattan on March 26, and want to learn more, consider attending Michael Wolff’s presentation, The Leader in You. It will be a great introduction to how to be successful both in a job interview and on the job!