The Interviewer was Mean to Me!

Have you ever been interviewed by a really rude person? Did you thank him? Why not? Don’t you value honesty?

Think about it. The interviewer is a rude person. Instead of trying to hide his rudeness, he makes you abundantly aware of it. (Of course I am assuming he’s aware of it!) So now you know what you will be getting yourself into if you decide to work for the guy (even if he’s not aware of it!). That’s honesty!

But what if he’s not rude? What if he’s actually quite smart? What if he just wants to see how you deal with criticism? That should be your assumption.

Interviewer’s Question: How did you accomplish Plan X?

Your Answer: Whatever it is….

Interviewer’s Response: Well why in the world did you do it that way? Why didn’t you…?

Your Answer:

Here is your opportunity to show how you deal with criticism. Don’t take it personally. Don’t become defensive. Think for a few seconds and respond, “You know, we never thought of that. It might actually have worked. But let’s think it through…”

Now ask questions. Explain about issues that arose and how the interviewer’s approach may have solved, avoided or exacerbated them. Let the interviewer see your thought process in action.

After all, he might not be a very rude boss, he might be a very smart one! And that you’ll be able to gauge from his reaction to your answer.

For more detailed information on interviewing, see Chapters 11 and 20 of my book, Success! As Employee or Entrepreneur.

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