No, this is not a post about what you should do with the picture you just found in the attic.  And it’s not about blackmail or setting someone up to go to jail.  It’s about interviewing, job interviewing, on your own terms.  And it’s very simple.

Think about it for a minute.  What does every employer, supervisor and colleague want in a new hire?  Someone who will help them.

“Framing” refers to having a discussion, debate, conversation, interview or any other type of interaction on your own terms.  You can do it by saying that you do not accept the other person’s premise and will only discuss the subject based on your view.  But that’s a confrontational approach.  It’s effective, but not for a job interview.

A job interview demands diplomacy.  So what should you do?

When you arrive for an interview and meet the interviewer(s), stand up, shake hands, smile and say, “Thank you for inviting me in for the interview.  I look forward to learning how I will be able to help you if I should get the position.”

You have now done three things:  First, you have framed the interview around your philosophy of being of help to your colleagues.  Second, when you are sending out the mandatory thank-you e-mail to each interviewer, you can personalize the email(s) based on each interviewer’s response.  And third, you have learned what they need, want or feel is lacking at the company without having to ask anything negative.  You asked, “What’s wrong?” without actually asking!

And that’s how you frame an interview for your benefit as a job seeker.


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