“Transferable Skills” Out – “Transferable Accomplishments” In

“I have transferable skills.”

Sounds innocent enough.  What you mean is that the job for which you are applying is your dream job, you can do it, you want to do it, and the employer need not be concerned because you have the skills to get the job done.


The employer does not hear, “I have transferable skills.”  The employer hears, “I’m not really qualified for the job but do me a favor and consider me anyways.”

Here’s the little thing you forgot:  Your job search is not about you.  You don’t matter.  Your job search is all about the employer.  Only what the employer wants matters.

But you still want the job.  And you still have those skills.  Well, the good news is that employers don’t really care about skills, they care about results.  So, instead of saying “transferable skills,” say, “transferable accomplishments.”

Well, don’t actually say it because the employer is going to hear, “I’m not qualified for the position but do me a favor…”  Think it.  Focus on your accomplishments.  “Transferable skills” is a negative term.  “Accomplishments” is a positive, so focus on them.