Using Social Media to Find Your Next Job

LinkedIn.  Twitter.  Facebook.   They are the tools of the 21st Century.  Everyone uses them so, if you don’t, you are missing out.

That’s true, but only as far as it goes, and to differing degrees for each site.

LinkedIn is the most important.  It is the Number One recruiting site used by recruiters.  As a recruiter myself, I have literally closed searches – by which I mean I found the candidate that eventually got the job – in ten minutes because of my LinkedIn network.  LinkedIn works and you have to be on it if you are job searching.

Here’s all you have to do – assuming you are unemployed or don’t care if the entire world knows you are looking for a new job.  After your name, in the line usually devoted to a short description of your profession, write, “Looking for new opportunities in…” and note your profession or industry.  If I’m looking for an IT auditor, I will do a keyword search of my network for the word “looking” within the specific industry and geographic region.  I’ll also do searches for “seeking” and “opportunities.”  That’s one way to find candidates.  The other is simply to contact everyone in your network in the relevant industry and location.  Within an hour or two, sending out messages in batches of 50, I can contact hundreds or thousands of LinkedIn users.  I’ve done it; it works.

So basically what I am explaining is not how to find a new job using social media, but how to be found.  At least that’s the case for LinkedIn and Twitter.

On Twitter, you can do searches for “#jobs” or “#careers” or “#aspecificprofession,” and find job openings.  Or you can send a tweet “looking for #job as an #accountant in #newyorkcity.”  You might get contacted but, someone has to find your tweet and read it.  That puts your job search in the hands of someone else.  You need to be proactive so, while not ignoring getting the word out, the emphasis has to be on your looking for employers, not the other way around!

As for Facebook, I still have yet to find anyone who has gotten a job through Facebook.  Facebook pages complement corporate websites.  If you already know the corporation, you can find their website and go straight to the “Careers” page.  In any event, it’s a great way to let your network know you are looking.

To learn more, join me on July 3, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the New York Public Library’s Science, Industry and Business Library branch, 188 Madison Avenue, New York for my presentation, Using Social Media to Find Your Next Job.  Pre-registration is not required.