10 Signs a Boss May Not be for You

Times are tough and people need jobs, but you don’t want to exchange one set of problems with another by signing up with someone for whom you will not want to work.

Of course, there are no absolutes and there can be a logical and good explanation for everything, but here are ten things to look out for:

1)      The interviewer is not prepared for the interview.  She hasn’t read your resume and lost the copy you sent.

2)      The interviewer monopolizes the interview.  She talks about the company and herself, not letting you respond.

3)      The interviewer refuses to give straight answers to your questions.

4)      The interviewer is constantly distracted during the interview, answering the phone and checking e-mails.

5)      The interviewer bad-mouths staff, especially the person who is being replaced.

6)      The interviewer does not give you an opportunity to ask questions.

7)      The interviewer bad-mouths your present or past employer(s).

8)      The interviewer is late for the interview.

9)      The interviewer’s office is a mess.

10)   Employees don’t make eye contact with you or give a “knowing” look of “Beware!”

Caveat emptor applies to candidates as well!