What Am I Missing Here? Spousal Abuse and Stupidity or Just Stupidity?

Here’s a story that was related to me by someone I trust.

Like me, he commutes everyday from New Jersey to Manhattan.  He takes the bus.  A few days ago he got an aisle seat.  Sitting across from him were a husband and wife.  The husband had the window seat; the wife had the aisle seat.  So much for the geography of the story.

After the bus left Manhattan, it’s first stop was in Jersey.  A woman got on.  There was no seat so she stood a couple of feet in front of my source who told me that the husband, sitting across from him, looked up and said to his wife, “A beautiful woman should not have to stand.  Give her your seat!”

The wife actually stood up and told the woman to sit.  The woman accepted the offer.  (There was no way she could not have heard what the husband said.  She was not listening to music or talking on the phone.)  My source offered the wife his seat; she refused.

My initial reaction was that the wife is an abuse victim and is used to being treated disrespectfully.  As for the woman who accepted her seat…

What do you think?