Search Engine Optimization

As readers of this blog know, I like to attach a photo to my posts which sometimes are obvious and sometimes need to be explained.   This one may need an explanation.  The photo is of a black hole.

For whatever reason, today has been my day for getting e-mails and phone calls from Search Engine Optimization consultants.  Each one, you will not be surprised to learn, promised that they can get me to the top of a Google search.  One even guaranteed it.

Funny story:  When I Googled these consultants, or rather, when I Googled “search engine optimization consultants,” adding their location (I am nothing if not fair), not one of them appeared on the first page.  So my question to them was, “If you can’t get you to the top of the list why would I believe that you can get me there – and pay you for the privilege?”

Most just told me I did not understand SEO (Don’t you just love how people hide behind acronyms?) and politely hung up.  One guy said I was doing it wrong.  Instead of Googling “Search Engine Optimization” I should Google, “XYZ.”  “XYZ” stands for another business this guy has and when you Google it, he actually does appear at the top of the list.

“Impressive!”  I told him.  “But I’m not interested in an XYZ expert.  We’re talking SEO.  So, if you got yourself to the top of the list for XYZ, and can’t get yourself to the top of the list for SEO, it appears you could do it, but only once.  Am I wrong?”  He said he’d e-mail me.

I’ve been invited to speak in December at The New York Public Library on obtaining and utilizing media coverage at no cost.  As of today, since May of last year I’ve been quoted in 155 articles which have appeared in 126 publications on every continent other than Africa and Antarctica.

Those are my bona fides when it comes to PR.  What are yours when it comes to your work and the service that you offer?  If you can’t do for yourself what you are promising to do for someone else, you have zero credibility.  It would be like me getting up and saying, and remember I am an executive recruiter, “I’d love to hire a director of Marketing, but I just can’t find anyone.  But I can find one for you in two weeks!!!!!”  No one would take me seriously.

Oh, and as for the reason for the picture of a black hole, that is very well where your money will be going if you actually hire an SEO consultant – at least one who can’t do for himself what he says he can do for you!