How to Get Fired in One Easy Lesson

My  cell phone company is MetroPCS.  The phone service is good.  Their website and customer service over the phone stink.  But they have a store around the corner from my office and when I have a problem I go there.  You can’t argue the price: $50 for unlimited everything.

Well, not exactly $50.  I have been paying an additional $4 a month for insurance.  It was logical when the phone cost $220.  Now that it costs $99; not so logical.  My phone has a scratch on it so, even though I bought it less than a year ago, the store won’t replace it.  There is a technical problem with the phone, which is why I wanted it replaced, that has nothing to do with the scratch.  No matter.  I have insurance.  And the lady at the insurance company was very polite when she told me I would have to pay an $84 deductible to replace the phone.  Not worth it.

My first visit to the store was to get the number for the insurance company.  My trip back was to cancel the insurance.  As I was waiting in line an employee arrived.  The woman behind the counter asked him to make a bank deposit.  He immediately started to scream, “I’m not your slave!  That’s not my job!  You lied to me about lunch!  I’m 30 years old; I don’t need this!”

OK, that is not what he said.  It’s what he said between dropping F-bombs.  It was an amazing thing to witness.  Here was a 30 year old man who did not have the slightest idea about what being an employee means.  Ever see a job description?  The last line is almost always, “And any other duties assigned by a supervisor.”  This was a failure of his schooling, his parents and any authority figure with whom he ever interacted for any period of time.

After he stormed out of the store a young woman came in.  She also works there.  She went to sit down.  Her colleague told her not to but first to go to the bank to make a deposit.  She did not even bat an eye.  Good education. Good parents.  Good everybody else.

The funny thing is is that when the male employee (I can’t bring myself to say “gentleman”) was asked to make the bank deposit he was being paid a compliment.  His colleague was telling him that she trusted him.  But he did not understand that.  When he left he realized that he was going to be fired.  Hopefully, when the young lady left to go to the bank, she realized that she was building her future.